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Telemedicine, Christmas Holidays...and a New Year!

As the COVID-19 cases continue to soar in our city and province, Dr. Jasper ND will be moving to telemedicine appointments exclusively (that is, by telephone or video) as of December 15th through and including December 23rd. If you already have an appointment booked and you don't require in-person services, please consider rescheduling it to a phone or video consultation if you have that option. If you have a hands-on treatment booked at this time (Bowen, acupuncture or a vitamin B12 shot), Dr. Jasper ND can still accommodate you for the time being but you must wear a mask or one will be offered to you.

Telemedicine Appointments?

1) Telephone Consultations – Dr. Jasper ND will call you at the phone number you provide and the time you agree to. This format is only available to established patients for follow-up appointments.

2) Video Consultations – Dr. Jasper ND will email you an invitation for your consultation, using the secure telemedicine platform, You may like to have earbuds or headphones handy for this type of consultation. This format is open to NEW and established patients at this time (outside of a “Code Red” pandemic, initial appointments must be conducted in-person).

Supplements Orders?

Please be sure to contact either Dr. Jasper ND directly or the front desk regarding your supplement orders before showing up at the clinic. This way we can ensure that we have those items in stock and have you on your way in no time! Be sure that you review the COVID-19 screening questions before entering the clinic: Please wear a mask when entering the clinic and kindly maintain a 2-meter distance from other patrons.

1) Pick up at the clinic – Active Chiropractic & Wellness will remain open for pick-ups for now. The office will remain open until/including December 24th, closed December 25th -28th, and reopening Dec 29th -31st (closing at noon on the 31st.) Please note the office closes for lunch daily, NOON to 1:30 PM from Monday to Friday. We are open until 5 pm on Mondays, Wednesday's and Fridays, and until 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please knock on the window below the “Open” sign, and wait until someone waves you in as our waiting room can reach capacity at times.

2) Home delivery – Please contact Dr. Jasper ND to see if your order can be delivered to your address. Please let us know of any special delivery instructions. Be aware that not all supplements are OK in sub-zero temperatures (e.g. probiotics).

3) Courier – Dr. Jasper ND uses First Choice courier. Most city-wide deliveries cost less than $10.

4) Fullscript (online dispensary) – In some cases, Dr. Jasper ND uses Fullscript to order supplements on behalf of her patients, which are then delivered to your address. Ask her about this option!

What About Payments?

There are a variety of payment options for services and products. For contactless payments, we can process your credit card information and email/mail your receipt. You may also opt for an e-transfer directly to Dr. Jasper ND ( If you are popping by the clinic, you can still pay using debit and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). We prefer that you do not pay by cheque or cash at this time unless you have no other option.

Dates to Remember

• Telemedicine ONLY appointments: December 15th - December 18th, and December 21st – December 23rd.

• Christmas Holidays (DR. JASPER ND IS CLOSED): December 24th – January 4th.

• At this point, the plan is to be back in the office for January 5th, 2021, pending further changes by our health directives and school division. Stay tuned for any further changes to the schedule!

2021 Prices & Blue Cross Direct Billing

There will be no changes to the cost of services offered by Dr. Jasper ND at this time. Supplement & laboratory test prices continue to increase by the manufacturer/lab, so these may increase marginally as they typically do every new year.

Keep in mind we are still offering direct billing exclusively for Blue Cross cardholders. Blue Cross will often pay a portion of your consultation/treatment costs, and laboratory costs – be sure to check with your individual plan for more details.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday season, and all the best in 2021!


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