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Healthy living practices should extend to all corners of our lives, for more efficient and happier employees, students and communities. Dr. Jasper is pleased to offer wellness presentations on a variety  of topics for businesses, athletic clubs, schools, senior/retirement facilities, and other group settings.


Many people are still not aware of naturopathic medicine—what it is, what it can offer, what a visit to a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) is like, or what medical conditions can be treated by an ND. Furthermore, many employees are not aware that their extended health care benefits include naturopathic medicine services. It is in the best interest of both employers and employees to lead healthier lives, as it benefits both parties in the long run.

A wellness presentation may include a Power Point presentation, informational handouts, round-table discussions and demonstrations. A typical presentation will run for 60-minutes, but each seminar can be tailored to each group's needs. Dr. Jasper charges a fee of $150/hr for presentations on a specified health topic. She offers free/ complimentary 1-hr presentations on the topics of "Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine" and "Introduction to Healthy Living."


Here are just some examples of topics Dr. Jasper can discuss:

•        Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine

•        Introduction to Healthy Living

•        Healthy Living...Just For Kids!

•        Naturopathic Perspectives: Fatigue & Stress

•        Naturopathic Perspectives: Women's Health

•        Naturopathic Perspectives: Pain Management

•        Naturopathic Perspectives: Digestive Health

•        Naturopathic Perspectives: Cold & Flu


If you see a need in your business or community for educating employees, students, colleagues or neighbours on a particular health topic, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Jasper!

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