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Naturopathic consultation: FOLLOW-UP Visit

90 minutes


45 minutes


15 minutes


75 minutes


30 minutes


10 minutes


60 minutes


20 minutes


5 minutes


Returning patients who have not been to the clinic in more than one (1) year may be required to book a 1-hour initial consultation for a re-evaluation (at the discretion of Dr. Jasper, ND). Please note that phone and video consultations are also available.

NOTE: Email consultations are billed as a 10- or 15-minute consultation (unless otherwise agreed upon).

Patients who email Dr. Jasper, ND for health advice will be asked if they are willing to pay a 10-15min consultation fee. This service is only available for established patients. Depending on the nature of the concern, Dr. Jasper, ND reserves the option to refuse this service.

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