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2021 Year-End News

Congratulations to all of us for making it 22-months in a global pandemic! And what a ride it has been—for some a difficult, and tragic, couple of years.

Active Chiropractic & Wellness continues to strictly adhere to the public health restrictions and guidelines. We ask that you review the COVID-19 screening tool each time before entering the clinic: Please DO NOT arrive at your appointment more than 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment, unless you do not mind waiting in your vehicle or outside. If you would like to get in a little early, kindly call the front desk prior to your arrival to see if we can accommodate you.

When you arrive at the clinic, please remember to:

  • Knock on the clinic window below the neon “Open” sign and wait for staff to acknowledge you (this is to ensure our waiting area is not over capacity);

  • Put on a face mask that fully covers your nose and mouth before entering the clinic;

  • Sanitize your hands as soon as you enter our waiting area;

  • Hold onto your belongings such as bags and coats after you have entered the clinic;

  • Be prepared to stand as our waiting area continues to have very limited seating.

Dr. Jasper ND's Christmas Holiday's

Please note that Dr. Jasper ND will be away from the clinic from December 23rd through to and including January 5th. Dr. Jasper ND may not be able to process your supplement orders, nor answer your health-related questions, during this time. If you have a health emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest urgent care/hospital.

Reminders About Telemedicine Appointments

Dr. Jasper ND has continued to work in the clinic for the majority of these past many months, however, telemedicine appointments continue to gain popularity! It is important to note that telemedicine appointments are not for everyone or for every case. In some cases, it is best to see a patient in person, for example, when a physical assessment is required. However, telemedicine appointments are extremely convenient in some cases, especially when you need to pivot last minute! Examples: When certain symptoms show up unexpectedly (see COVID-19 Screening Tool), inclement weather/ poor road conditions, or other inconveniences that suddenly show up just when you least expect it.

1) Telephone Consultations – Dr. Jasper ND will call you at the phone number you provide and the time you agree to. This format is best suited for quick follow-up appointments (30-min or less) and to review lab results.

2) Video Consultations – Dr. Jasper ND will email you an invitation/link for your consultation, using the secure telemedicine platform, It is relatively simple to use, and only takes about 5 minutes to get set up on your device. It is suggested that you initiate the video consultation at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time—by doing so, you will be transferred to the virtual 'waiting room' until Dr. Jasper ND begins the call. You may like to have earbuds or headphones handy for this type of consultation, as sound can be poor through laptops and smartphones. This format is open to NEW and established patients at this time.

NOTE: Dr. Jasper ND's clinic software program (Juvonno) will automatically send ALL patients with scheduled appointments (including those with telemedicine appointments) a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. Obviously, your answers to this questionnaire will NOT affect your appointment status (e.g. Even if you have a cough or fever, for example, you will not be expected to cancel your telemedicine appointment.)

Supplements Orders

A friendly reminder to kindly contact either Dr. Jasper ND directly, or the front desk staff, regarding your supplement order BEFORE coming to the clinic. This way we can ensure that we have those items in stock and give you an idea of when the order will be ready for pick up.

You also have the option of pre-paying for your orders by providing your credit card information over the phone or e-transferring the funds to Dr. Jasper ND directly at We will attach a receipt to your order so you can “grab 'n' go” upon your arrival.

Again, be sure that you review the COVID-19 screening questions before entering the clinic.

Options for processing supplement orders:

1) Pick up at the clinic – Active Chiropractic & Wellness is open for pick-ups.

General Clinic Hours:

Monday & Wednesday 9:00AM – NOON & 1:30PM – 5:00PM

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00AM – NOON & 1:30PM – 7:00PM

Friday 8:30AM – NOON & 1:30PM – 5:00PM

Saturday 9:30AM – 2:30PM (closed for long weekends)

2021 Holiday Hours:

December 24, 2021: 8:30AM – NOON

December 25-27, 2021: CLOSED

December 28-30, 2021 - REGULAR HOURS

December 31, 2021: 8:30AM – NOON

January 1-3, 2022: CLOSED

2) Home delivery – Dr. Jasper ND is doing fewer home deliveries at this point, but it still may be an option for you. Please contact Dr. Jasper ND to see if your order can be delivered to your address. Please let us know of any special delivery instructions. Be aware that not all supplements are OK in sub-zero temperatures (e.g. Probiotics).

3) Fullscript (a prescription-only online dispensary platform) – In some cases, Dr. Jasper ND uses Fullscript to order supplements on behalf of her patients, which are then delivered to your address. Refills can also be ordered through this platform, as per Dr. Jasper ND's recommendations. Ask her about this option! NOTE: This option does not apply to 'specialty items' nor to in-house compounded products.

Payment Options

There are a variety of payment options for services and products. For contactless payments, we can process your credit card information over the phone and email/mail your receipt if you wish. You may also opt for an e-transfer payment directly to Dr. Jasper ND ( If you are popping by the clinic, you can still pay using debit and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). Cash and cheque are also acceptable forms of payment.

2022 Prices & Blue Cross Direct Billing

There will be some changes to the cost of services offered by Dr. Jasper ND at this time to account for inflation. Please see this link to view the 2022 Fee Schedule:

As supplement & laboratory test prices continue to increase annually by the manufacturer/lab, some of these prices may also increase marginally as they typically do every new year.

Keep in mind Dr. Jasper ND still offers direct billing exclusively for Blue Cross cardholders. Blue Cross will often pay a portion of your consultation/treatment costs, and laboratory costs – be sure to check with your individual plan for more details.

Dr. Jasper ND's REVISED 2022 Schedule – Effective January 6, 2022



TUESDAY: 9:00AM – NOON & 1:30PM – 6:00PM (NEW!)

WEDNESDAY: 9:00AM – NOON & 1:30-5:00PM

THURSDAY: 9:00AM – NOON & 1:30-7:00PM

FRIDAY: 9:00AM – NOON & 1:30-4:00PM (NEW!)

SATURDAY**: 9:30AM – NOON & 1:00-4:00PM (NEW!)

**Only on the first Saturday of each month, September to June. If the first Saturday falls on a long weekend or holiday, Dr. Jasper ND will be available the subsequent weekend.


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