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DNA Methylation & Epigenetic Counselling

The Human Genome Project was a global scientific research endeavour that set out to map the sequence of the entire human genome (the DNA instructions that are required for human life). Since its completion in April 2003, genotyping services have become available for use in ancestral research and in health care. Genotyping human genetic information can be used to identify variants such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Identifying SNPs (often pronounced “snips”), combined with a thorough health care assessment, can help steer the ship of treatment. An experienced health care practitioner, armed with this genetic information, can better tailor health care advice and thereby optimize wellness and prevent diseases that an individual may be more prone to.

What is involved?

  • Purchase a salivary DNA testing kit are some examples (ensure you have access to the “raw data” once the report is complete):

➔   AncestryDNA + Traits:

➔   23andme Health & Ancestry:

  • Once your report is available (approximately 3 weeks), extract the “raw data” and download to your computer.

  • Upload the “raw data” to an interpretive are some examples:

➔   GeneRx:

  • Consult a trained health professional to help you put all the data together and formulate a health plan.


Who could benefit?

  • Those with complex health conditions;

  • Those with chronic diseases;

  • Those with concerns about their family health history;

  • Those with mental health struggles;

  • Those who wish to optimize their health.


Is this service covered by my health insurance?

Services that are sold by a naturopathic doctor are billable to your insurance provider. If you purchase a “kit” online on your own, as well as the interpretation services, these will not be billable to your insurance. The consultation with a naturopathic doctor, to review the results of the report, are indeed billable.


How does this testing help me?

It is important to keep in mind that your genetics are NOT your destiny! It is the interaction between your genetics and your lifestyle habits/environment that turn those genes on/ off. By identifying the areas of vulnerability in health, you can focus on establishing healthy habits and incorporating supplements that keep you operating at your full potential. The combination of your understanding your lifestyle/habits, health history, family health history, blood work, and genetic information, you can tap into the benefits of a truly personalized healthcare plan.


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