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  • Writer's pictureDr. Deirdre Jasper ND

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This simple recipe is “clean” (chemical-free) and leads to the smoothest skin ever! You can easily switch up the essential oils for something different, or omit altogether. 

All you need: 

  • 1.5 cups brown sugar 

  • 1 cup liquid coconut oil 

  • 10-25 drops of essential oils (I like patchouli, vanilla, and clove) 

Mix ingredients in a jar and keep in the bathroom/shower. Apply scrub onto all surfaces of clean skin (especially dry areas like legs and feet) and rinse off. 

Great for applying in winter when conditions are dry. But also great for soft summer legs! Makes a great gift too! 

Other essential oils you could use: For repelling insects in the summer, try adding 5-10 drops each of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and lemon. For sleep, mix in lavender (great for baths before bed). 


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