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clinical nutrition

Diet Counselling:


Food is medicine! Dr. Jasper, ND not only teaches patients how to eat for their unique health needs and goals, but she herself enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, making healthy food delicious! Individualized nutrition is the absolute foundation for healthy digestion, bountiful energy, and pain-free living. Many health conditions can be profoundly affected by identifying the appropriate diet for each person. Dr. Jasper, ND can direct patients to the necessary testing, cookbooks and online tools to help construct a personalized diet that will help each patient reach their health goals.




Nutritional supplements can be a helpful tool in addressing deficiencies, restoring optimum physiology and function. Many patients aren't truly aware of what supplements are therapeutic and which are not. In fact, some supplements have the potential to interact negatively with a person's health condition or other medications they are taking. Dr. Jasper, ND is trained to use diagnostic testing results, her knowledge of drug-herb interactions, and her knowledge of quality manufacturers, to guide patients to the best supplement options.

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