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additional fees

Absentee Notes

Available with a minimum 10-minute consultation (established patients only)

Release of Records

E.g. to another doctor (copies/faxes)

$1/page to a maximum of $50.00

(includes postage fees)

Missed Appointment

No notice

50% of scheduled visit time

Lab Fees

Depends on test

(will be discussed with patient)

Shipping / Courier

Billed as by delivery service

(no additional tax)

Case Summary

For insurance, etc.

$75/page (8"x11")

NSF Cheque Charge


Late Cancellation

Less than 24 hours

50% of scheduled visit time

Inventory / Supplements

Depends on product

(will be discussed with patient)



(covers cost of packaging and delivery to depot)

Note: Courier service can be arranged (within or outside of Winnipeg) -- patient pays fee (no additional taxes).

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